Flight Time And Fuel

  Flight Time includes all fuel and oil 

  Recorded time from brakes OFF to brakes ON

 All fuel to be paid for by the pilot in command and entered into the cash log. Deduct this from the flight and enter amount in his colum 

  Where as the flight is less than the cost of fuel, enter the over payment in your colum as (Eg: -amount) for that flight only. Do Not deduct from any other flight. This credit will be brought forward at the end of the month.

 Abandon flight where as the wheels never left the ground, and engine warm ups will not be charge.

All pilots in command are responsible for landing fees

Flight per hour are set out by the treasurer. He will calculate and review each month. This may vary depending on fuel prices and running cost.

All credits at the end of the month will transfer to next month. Any debits shall be settled at the end of each month.